Listen: The Wild Things Collection

The Wild Things Collection

$hang is ready to share her world, journey and all the intricacies and desires that come with it.  She does so on what is considered her audible diary, The Wild Things Collection.  Whilst playing up on a range of emotions and encounters, the content of her collection experiments with everything from salacious fantasies and flirtatious come-hithers, to aggressive role reversal and barefaced candor, creating something altogether provocative and dark… but familiar and fun.

On The Wild Things Collection, $hang is the pendulum, ebbing and flowing between pronounced personalities, a newly-found dark, moody sensuality and foraying into the hedonistic, all in an attempt to forge her world with ours.  Conversely, $hang sonically banters between a her own stylized, alternative ’90’s-esque R&B and a more ballsy, blended urban pop to fashion a sound and feel that is very specific to her and the-one-of-a-kind experience she seeks to create.

And for $hang, that’s very important.  With her being this infusion of so many different passions and influences, to take a moment in her journey, to step back and celebrate the individual being shaped within these very moments.  $hang lives by the adage: “Why fit the mold when you can break it?”  And piece by piece, that is what she intends to do.  Her way.  The wild way.

RELEASE DATE: 02/10/2015
RECORDED: 2014-2015
GENRE: Thug Pop