Listen: The Muse + The Machine

EP1: The Muse + The Machine

RELEASE DATE: 07/22/2019
RECORDED: 2008-2019
GENRE: R&B/Hip-Hop/Trip

After years in the making, here finally comes the time for The Muse & The Machine. From the minds of the songwriter/production duo, Siiren and TrapCry, this is a definitive hipno-trip of Terracotta Mafia‘s most signature music to date.

Seemingly starting where Gnarls Barkley left off, Terracotta keeps their finger on the pulse of staying ahead of sonic trends. All the while, ebbing and flowing between the softness and aggressive duality of the duo’s counterparts, allowing them to offer a pointed perspective on universal topics like love and loss. With stellar melodies and production that mesh perfect pop, classic R&B, hip hop and trip elements, Terracotta Mafia tests the boundaries and limits related to black masculinity and sexual identity.

But there’s more where that came from. The Muse & The Machine is just a test to wet your whistle for what’s next to come from the music landscape’s new odd couple.